Training Workshops: Admin


GAM and Google Workflow Workshop 

The morning will be all about an amazing tool called GAM. Google Apps Manager is a command line tool you can leverage as a G Suite admin to make your life easier. We will cover installation, updating, and running basic and complex commands to make managing your domain more manageable.

The afternoon will cover automating workflows. Create workflows from the simple to complex. This portion of the workshop will walk you through using Google tools such as Forms and Google Apps Scripting to make automating day-to-day and very complex tasks easier and more efficient.

Google Admin Certification Workshop

Are you looking to become a Google Certified Associate - G Suite Administrator? Simple EdTech can help. We offer a full day workshop that will assist you in preparing for the exam. The best part is that all of the trainers are administrators of an educational domain with over 50 years of combined experience in the field. There are no "professional trainers" in our group. We feel the best results come from people who are in the same setting as the people they are training.


G Suite Admin Console Workshop


A six hour workshop that consists of a comprehensive review of the Admin Console. This will include best practices for managing users, groups, and services. We will also look at third party tools which will make the domain administrator’s life much easier while also offering better protection for your domain.

Selecting and Deploying Chromebooks


Whether you are currently running a ChromeBook deployment and want to learn more about the management of these devices or you are looking at implementing Chromebooks, this is the workshop for you. Simple EdTech is pleased to offer a full day workshop on managing Chromebooks.

Participants will have hands-on learning opportunities from basic-to-advanced management techniques for Chrome and Chromebook devices.  There are over 100+ Chrome policies for users right from the Google Admin Panel.  Manage 10 or 1000 Chromebook devices with ease -- track assets, control user access, pre-install and block apps, configure network access, create user groups, customize user features, and more!

Training Workshops: Staff

Integrating Technology Into Curriculum

Whether your students have access to a computer lab, a cart of iPads, 1:1 Chromebooks, or a handful of laptops, technology can transform learning when used in appropriate and meaningful ways. In this workshop, we will explore tools, apps, activities, and strategies that nurture essential developmental and learning skills such as fluency, numeracy, storytelling, critical thinking, and voice. We will address core technology skills, formative assessment, media literacy, student-centered learning, collaborative projects, and safe publishing with early learners. Participants will gain hands-on experience with some of the best web tools and apps in order to build creative, collaborative, and globally-connected classrooms.

Using Google in the Classroom

A workshop teaching innovative ways to infuse G Suite for Education into the classroom. A full day of fast-paced presentations and hands-on activities includes experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspirational instructional strategies. Simple EdTech Lead Learners are 100% Google Certified, who share ways they've implemented tools such as Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more.

Google Certification Workshops

Whether you are looking for a Certified Teacher Level I or II, or a Certified Administrator, we can assist you in getting this goal met. Our trainers are Google certified and have years of experience. The best part is that all of them are educators and practice what they teach. There are no "professional trainers" in our group. We feel the best results come from people who are in the same setting as the people they are training.

Set Up Your Next Workshop

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