Simple EdTech is proud to provide a turnkey Amazon Web Services AppStream 2.0 solution for schools.  As many school districts have moved to Chromebooks for student 1:1 programs, there has arisen a need to provide virtual desktop applications for students beyond the scope that Chromebooks alone can provide. While many solutions exist, we have found Amazon Web Service’s AppStream 2.0 to offer the most economical and user friendly experience in the market.

While AWS AppStream is a great solution, it is not possible for all schools to employ the personnel with the time and experience to set it up. That is where Simple EdTech comes in. With our background and experience, we have the ability to get your AppStream 2.0 running and even manage it if you need us to.

The Admin Conference is a two day conference designed for Google administrators. Experts in Google for Education present on topics that will assist in doing your job more efficiently. This conference runs on a hybrid schedule. Mornings will include your choice of workshops, the afternoon offers traditional one hour sessions.  Taking place in the summer in the Wisconsin Dells, the location and time are great for learning and interacting with peers.

Your time is valuable and so is ours. Our goal is to best prepare you to perform your job requirements in the most efficient manner.


We offer full day workshops on multiple topics. Our most requested areas are in G-Suite For Education (GSFE) implementation and Chromebook Management.

Technology is not a passing fad, but how do you know if your staff is using it properly? Simple EdTech has developed tools to help determine where your staff is with integration, and how to better use technology in the classroom. 


Data Migrations

Looking to move your organization to the cloud?  We have you covered!  Our professionals have years of experience migrating data for organizations of all sizes.  We can migrate nearly any mail server data to multiple cloud destinations.  Contact us for more information.

Is your Google for Education domain set up correctly? There is no definitive guide to setting a domain up for education. Some of the default settings may not be best for your school. We can help. We will take a close look at your domain and show you where you are correct, areas that need some adjustments, and areas that might be completely opposite of what you intend.