Amazon Web Services AppStream 2.0 Jump Start


Simple EdTech is proud to provide a turnkey Amazon Web Services AppStream 2.0 solution for schools.  As many school districts have moved to Chromebooks for student 1:1 programs, there has arisen a need to provide virtual desktop applications for students beyond the scope that Chromebooks alone can provide. While many solutions exist, we have found Amazon Web Service’s AppStream 2.0 to offer the most economical and user friendly experience in the market.


While AWS AppStream is a great solution, it is not possible for all schools to employ the personnel with the time and experience to set it up. That is where Simple EdTech comes in. With our background and experience, we have the ability to get your AppStream 2.0 running and even manage it if you need us to.

Project Description


  • A one hour orientation call, where project details are set with the Jump Start coordinator.

  • Set up the school district’s Amazon Web Services Billing Account

  • Apply for Educational CAL pricing discount

  • One day (not to exceed 8 hours) setup with one of our onboarding specialists. 

    • Setup GSuite SSO and deploy SAML app to GSuite Domain

    • Set up the school district’s AppStream service

    • Create master image for AppStream with one (1) application

    • Deploy master image to fleet

    • Setup example for fleet scheduling for cost efficiency

    • Knowledge transfer to the designated staff member from the district if needed

    • Documentation transfer (guides for connecting, guides for associating Google Drive, etc.)